Flylady Kat

I don’t recall how I originally found her, but I had heard of Flylady Kat from Kimmy from She’s in her Apron. Kimmy was not a perfect mom and homemaker. She was a hard working, lovable, person who was working to be more organized.

At one point, Flylady  had a mentoring program where you could pay a Flylady Mentor to help you one on one. Flylady Kat was one of those mentors. She now had a Youtube channel with daily(7 days a week) instructions for the day based on the flylady system. I just jumped in and started watching the daily videos, Here is the link to the one from today, when I am writing this

Kat gives daily instructions for Stay at Home flybabies, or Kat’s L.I.O.N.S (she didn’t want us to be called kittens!) LIONS came to stand for Living In Our New Strength. She is firm but kind and her lovely voice is a nice replacement for the critical voice in my head. She even has a Patreon that is a reasonable $5 a month that I was a member of for several months. She answers comments and posts videos there Monday-Friday. If you want an extra boost, that is a great addition to watching her Youtube channel.

Several months went by and I was watching Flylady Kat everyday and on Youtube and even following her on Patreon. I was having a moderate amount of success. But every month I was re- decluttering the zones and not seeing the results I wanted. I knew I was disconnecting somewhere and could not figure out what was missing.

Then I came upon another Flylady Mentor who now vlogs on YouTube and I will talk about her next time.


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