Flylady Diane In Denmark

Diane in Denmark is another huge piece in my Flylady puzzle. Again, I do not remember how I originally came across her, but I am so glad I did! Daily I would watch A better life with Flylady Kat and follow-up by watching Diane in Denmark.

Flylady Diane, in my opinion, has a more “old school” (classic?)take on the Flylady system. She participates in the daily missions, and the Holiday Cruise, for example.

One day she remarked that zone work was only to be done after the daily routines were completed. This was a light bulb moment for me. Doing random zone work and not keeping up with the daily routines may seem like an sure-fire recipe for un-success to you, but it sure wasn’t to me. Sure, now that I think about it, it makes all the sense in the world, but it just wasn’t immediately obvious!

What I hope to eventually become is a my own personal version of Flylady, my own system. That is something I have realized watching youtube videos of people utilizing Flylady: they each adapt it to their own situation. If I can continue to let go of perfectionism, I can let go of finding the “perfect” system, and find one that is good enough.



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