So what is MY flylady plan?

Although it is very tempting to just watch videos about cleaning, I actually have implemented my own version of a Flylady routine. It is a very fragile item and could disintegrate at any time, forcing me to go back to the drawing board, BUT I finally realize that this is LIFE and sometimes that happens, it is not the end of the world.

Sundays I try to change the sheets in the master bedroom to get a jump of the tasks of the Weekly Home Blessing So far that is the only one I have nailed down. I also try to do at least 15 min tidying downstairs (dishes, counter top, table area esp). It might take more than 15 minutes. If I just get started, and if I set the timer for 15 min so I don’t overwork myself, I find it to be a doable task.

Mondays we are out of the house for half the day to attend Homeschool Co-op classes for my daughter.

Tuesday is the day I have set up to do the bulk of the Weekly Home Blessing hour and any major cleaning tasks. That way I can focus on homeschooling and other tasks and not just obsess about cleaning.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, I simply aim to complete the morning and evening routines, do the 15 min in the current zone and possibly complete any home blessing tasks I haven’t completed.

Writing this all our seems nice and neat and complete, but honestly, change is hard and the results are not quick enough or perfect enough. It is a real disappointment sometimes that I have not figured it all out yet! But then I remind myself that I would never judge another person by this ridiculous standard.

I have mentioned before that Flylady Kat is a wonderful replacement for the critical voice in my head. She recommends when you see a task undone or piles of something, you say ” I see you… and I have a plan for you.” That has been invaluable as I build new habits.


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