Flylady Holiday Cruise

Of all the things I have printed out at, I don’t think I have ever attempted the Flylady Holiday Cruising Missions The idea is that on December 1st, we are going on a cruise for 3 weeks. So all the preparation for Christmas needs to be done before the cruise on December 1st.

Here  is an example of one Diane in Denmark participating in one of the missions. I printed up the 25 page book and everything! Diane said to just look at it everyday(or at least that is what I understood). So everyday I look at it for a few minutes, maybe fill out some of the information about the holiday menu, or gift ideas.

I really didn’t see how that would work or help anything in October, but I kept doing it. Now that it is November, and it is time to act, I really see the value of having thought everything through!

Diane also says you can use the Holiday Cruise information for planning any holiday or party.

And I will talk about that next time!


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