Party Planning Flylady Style

On Saturday my husband and I celebrated out 25th wedding anniversary, our Silver anniversary. When I was a child, it seemed to be a more common thing than it is now.

When I wrote last time about the Flylady Holiday Cruise, I mentioned that Flylady Diane always says you can use it to plan any holiday, party or event. So as I would look at the Holiday Cruise Control Journal  everyday, I would also think about the Anniversary party everyday as well. And as it got closer, and there were more things that needed to be done, I could easily make a list. Not a frazzled last minute marathon get ready effort like I normally do.

Most of the time, I cannot picture what needs to be done until it is actually time to do it! But this time, since I made a point to think about it everyday, I guess that enabled me to envision all the details before it was actually time to start getting ready.

Not that it was completely stress free or anything, but this was the easiest, most organized thing I can ever recall putting together.


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