Party Planning Committee

My husband has always talked about having a 25th wedding anniversary party. It just  seemed far off into the future! Last year we went ahead and reserved our neighborhood’s community room just in case we actually followed through 🙂

In the following month, we went back and forth. At one point, our daughter wanted to use our reservation to get married. And that would have been fine. We were left to decide if we really wanted the expense and stress and everything that goes with a large party…

One day, our youngest daughter, showed us a video of a YouTube vlogger making Kevin’s famous chili . We were so inspired! This party was ON!

I immediately set out to watch the entire series, tapping out notes on my phone. Pausing and rewinding, any time there was a party, food or decoration. Not just having it on in the background, but only watching it if I could sit undistracted and really take in everything. This might have been the most fun part of the whole process, just dreaming about what could be. It was a labor of love. I actually only got through season 8 and ended up with more ideas than I could ever use, but I am so glad I did it! It is definitely a show worth studying and appreciating.

I did search online, but most Office inspired gatherings were smaller affairs. Or involved pricey decor. I was aiming for 50 people, frugal decorations and food.

Note: I find there is a distinction between people who enjoy the show and have watched the series several times and rabid fans who have the show constantly playing every day for a decade. When the latter would share their party ideas with me, they did not necessarily resonate. If I saw red solo cups on the show, I wanted them. The rabid fans had ideas that were more abstract. My ideas were more literal. And both approaches are fine! It was kind of fun talking about it with other fans. I pretty quickly where I stood as a fan, but I am ok with it.

I ended up choosing to have themed tables. These could have been anything really, but I settled on episodes. And picked episodes that could also include a food or snack that could go on the table. Please see yesterday’s The Office party post for pictures!


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