Week in Review

Last Saturday, we had our big 25th anniversary party. So the week(at least the end of it)was crammed full of preparations.

I tried not to dwell on the fact that already on the books, was another party for the very next Saturday. And this one in our home. The very place where all the party stuff came to die. The place that maybe didn’t get the full Flylady treatment last week due to the anniversary party.

And who is in charge of this gathering?? A very fragile soul who cannot hardly sustain any kind of pressure(me).

So this week, we decluttered party stuff(trashed it, stored it, gave away left over lettuce to EVERYone). I did my best to spend time doing daily chores and work in the FlyLady zone #2 The Kitchen.  All while keeping in mind, the tightest grocery budget ever- which means not wasting anything. I did not accomplish nearly what I wanted to in my perfectionistic brain.

I use Once a Month Meals menu plans. It is a site that helps me prep meals for the freezer for the month. Since it is the beginning of the month, I am also juggling that.

If someone else had done all I had done this week, I would be so proud of them! The mental side of this is actually the hardest part. Challenging beliefs and habits that I have spend almost 50 years developing.

I am starting to feel proud of myself!


2 thoughts on “Week in Review

  1. Well, I am always proud of you and always so very impressed! Not only are you always trying new things but you are also juggling everything life throws at you!!! I love this post, I can just see you saying every word in my head!

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