So How Did I Lose Weight? Part 2

Yesterday I talked about how in 2016, I was up to 336 lbs(not even my highest weight).After a year of the “Real Appeal” program, and the next year doing the Naturally Slim program, I had lost 30 pounds. Fine, but not great.

In the middle of Naturally Slim, I veered off a bit and tried out the Ketogenic Diet. It went pretty well for 6 weeks until I hit the dreaded Keto flu. I gave up on, was happy to have lost 15 lbs and tried to go back to Naturally Slim with my full focus.

And then tried Whole Foods Plant Based. If you want to try this, I highly recommend this lady. She taught me that I, too, like my lettuce chopped up very fine. Seems funny, but was a game changer for me! And she shared the little cheats she makes to keep things doable. As I have mentioned I am a bit of a raving perfectionist (wanna be). So this was very good for me to hear!

It was mid September when my husband tried to entice me to come back to keto.  He reminded me that my blood sugar numbers were so good on Keto. And my weight WAS going down. He had a habit of smoking and grilling all his food and he promised to cook for me. I was so enamored by this gesture that I said YES! And then later retracted it. I just could not get my hopes up again. I just could not throw out all the vegan/veg food I had frozen for myself.

But I did. I gave the food away to my neighbor. I got my hopes up again. I started eating his smoked meats and salad. And I felt great and my blood sugar levels got so good, so quickly. I never had the keto flu this time.

I do not obsessively drink salted water and propel. I don’t have bulletproof coffee ever morning. I probably don’t eat enough fats. And who knows what all else I do
“wrong”? I don’t know why what I am doing is working so well. I just try to observe what I am doing and how it affects me. And I work on making new habits.

I am down to 273(from 336 two years ago).


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