If you want to do the Keto diet

Maybe after reading about the Keto diet, you are curious. Maybe you even read my story

One thing I won’t be doing is making promises to anyone that the Keto diet will definitely work for you. I won’t be talking anyone into doing it. It is a lot of work. At times I felt like I was experimenting on myself. I felt alone. A relative of mine felt bad for ONE WHOLE MONTH and decided that after one more day, she would quit. Well, she felt better the next day and the rest is history. (This is totally accurate to the best of my recollection).

The first time I attempted Keto, I was drained, felt sick and run down. After 4 days of that I ate a Clif bar and got instant relief. That was the beginning of the end. I really really tried to drink salt water, propel, etc. As I stated before, I came to detest the article titled “Keto flu is totally preventable”. I started googling “I hate the keto diet”.

I had been back on the keto diet for several weeks when I went to see a new dr(my old one had relocated.) This new guy had never been fat, I could just tell by the way he talked. When I try to give advice on a subject I know nothing about, I mean well, but even I can hear that it just sounds hollow! This is how the dr. sounded, like he had been trained on what to say to people about nutrition, but himself had no clue. The party line, if you will.

I was nice and could understand how a dr. unfamiliar with keto would be hesitant. I had watched videos on how to talk to your dr. who didn’t like keto. I went in READY to cooperate and still advocate for myself. I did not need him to agree with me, but to test me along my journey.

“The keto diet is not sustainable long term.” This line would actually not make me mad until later. In the moment, I could understand where he was coming from. I did tell him that I understood he did not think so, but my husband and I had researched this and seen other doctors at conferences and read articles by other doctors who believed in this.

I will finish this story another time, because this post is supposed to be for YOU. To help YOU decide if you should try the keto diet.

If you do, get DietDoctor.com and get a free 30 day membership. Watch videos and read articles that interest you. It might be all the support you get. It is a gold mine. Recipes too. And like me, you may start to feel like you know the doctors on the screen. Maybe you can even meet them at a Keto Conference one day.  ( These will become your fondest dreams)

Find some recipes that sound good. Or a website or YouTube channel you can follow and feel a part of. I recommend Keto Connect. They are very down to earth and relatable. At the very least, a book. I really think a person, group, (even online) is preferable.

There is a lot of information out there. Conflicting information.I just decide for myself what I think sounds best and what I seem to notice works for me.

If you do decide to go for it, let me know! I will certainly support you. You just have to have your own reasons to fall back on when the going gets tough.


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