Week in Review Nov 16

Well this was the third week in a row that we had something to do, something that we were focused on working on through out the week. Thursday and Friday of this week were days off for me and I sorely needed the break! Although I am very surprised that I was able to handle 3 weeks of sustained activity as well as I did. And before I get too excited that all that activity is behind me, Thanksgiving is coming swiftly!

FLYLADY: I have been slowly, steadily working on Zone 3: the bathroom and 1 other room. The downstairs bathroom is for guests. One of my adult children has always used this bathroom. And now that only one child is living at home, this bathroom is up for grabs and I took it!! I take showers in there before I head upstairs to bed. On mornings when Joe and I both need to get ready, I head downstairs to use that bathroom. This is living, I tell ya!

I am a sprinter by nature. More accurate would be to say I crash and burn. But one of the Flyladies I watch on YouTube said not to do too much, but to stick to the 15 increments of working. Normally I make myself sick of something and feel free to quit. But this time, I am slowly seeing how the house is looking cleaner and more organized and I am still able to accomplish other things! I am building a habit of cleaning instead of just rushing to get it clean one time.

KETO: I am back to prepping my Once A Month Meals.

I tend to crave variety and I am sure in a few weeks(or days!), I will be making some kind of tweak or change to keep things interesting.


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