Project Me

I am so tired. Mentally and physically.

This week I have been trying to tune into my feelings. I have been trying to not just escape, but really try to hone in on what exactly I am trying to escape from. In some regards, I feel like I haven’t had a lot of success. But at least once, I figured out that I was overeating and still looking around for food to consume because I had worked hard, was tired and sore and was still trying to push myself to do more.

I decided that it was as if my mind and body were saying “If you can’t reward us by celebrating these wins and taking a rest, at least let’s eat.”

The scary part of all this is that I am just reading and listening to podcasts and doing the best I can to decipher all my feelings! I don’t feel qualified. But just recently I declared that I was becoming an expert on myself, so I guess maybe I am qualified.

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