If only I could start over

Today I found myself wishing I could simply start all over and do a keto/low carb/paleo diet knowing what I know now.

Well while I was typing this, I heard about a Black Friday deal that I couldn’t pass up and I bought a keto program.

It wasn’t long before the voices of doubt starting shouting “the code didn’t work, I paid full price!” I sent an email and hope that will get fixed soon.

“A lot of the recipes have dairy” Well I can sub out non dairy or just continue using my Once a Month meal plans.

“What if I should have picked low carb, or paleo, or something else??” Well then I will find out. But I am going to give this 60 day program a shot.

I may need to do another program another time(when finances allow), one that is more mentally based. But for now this is what I can do and I intend to do it fully.

I learn so much challenging myself a little and observing what happens. Today was a series of melt downs: wishing I could find a program, deciding to purchase, them immediately wishing I hadn’t.

I have spent so long avoiding making decisions. That makes decision making so hard. Harder than it needs to be. I hope it is like a muscle that will grow with use.

I am just going to dive in and make substitutions for eggs, dairy, and make the cheapest meals possible until my finances allow for more choices. I am going to make decisions and do my best to live with them.

Cookie Rosenblum has a thing she says on her podcasts and it is my hope and goal: “til overeating becomes just a thing you used to do.”

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