the problem with keto is

About this time last year, I started having terrible muscle pains.

My dr said very quickly that I wasn’t drinking enough water and I was eating too much protein. I started drinking more water and the pain went away. Months later, my blood work still showed dehydration. And my hair was falling out.

The dr stressed again that I needed to eat a variety of foods including berries to get all the nutrients I need. I had done a little bit of research Into carnivore eating, but it didn’t seem to be working for me.

I asked the dr about transitioning to low carb or paleo, or even carbing up to have more variety and/or nutrients. She was fine with whatever I decided. But she did not want me to eat a lot of root vegetables. Which was exactly what I wanted! I noticed later that whatever diet I am doing, I want to know what foods the “free” foods are, and I really just want to overeat them.

I got a huge water container that makes it easy to track my water. That was another eye opener. I think I really believed I was getting my water in, but now I don’t think so.

The other half of drinking enough is cutting back on protein. I didn’t limit myself. It was all too easy to just eat 2 (or more portions of meat at a meal).

A few weeks ago, I had just had it with the muscle pain and I went vegan for a week. In short, I cannot do a vegan diet without some help/coaching! I was hungry all the time.

Going vegan did help me see one thing my dr had suggested: eat vegan with a serving of meat. Many times throughout that week, adding a little meat to my meal sounded delish.

I have also tried “carbing up” once a day. Which started out as fruit smoothies and towards the end it was always popcorn. I found that I would put all my hopes and dreams and feelings into eating the popcorn or sipping on that smoothie.

One reason I have started limiting portions was for cutting grocery costs. If cost was not an issue, I know I would be consuming endless keto treats and foods. But coming at it not from a weight loss angle but from a money perspective- I was now asking myself to cut my huge portions for another reason. A good reason. And I was on board!

So I started planning for ONE serving of meat at meals. Good for the finances, and the muscles! And instead of making a giant smoothie, I have a small serving of berries.

I have been struggling the last few weeks. Tossing and turning ideas over in my mind. Paleo vs Keto vs low carb. I have not been ready to lose the next 100 lbs. I have not been willing to do whatever it takes to feel better.

I have focused on my mental game. I have done free courses and listened to podcasts.

I have eaten whatever I wanted. I have stayed low carb for the most part. It has been good to see that I don’t want to just eat ANYthing. I don’t want to eat foods I am allergic to (eggs,dairy), I don’t want to eat sugar. I ate some foods that made me feel bad. I tasted some foods that just didn’t taste good. I am glad to know these things.

Going forward I will still tell myself I can eat whatever I want. It feels very freeing. Because I can eat whatever I want. I don’t want to eat stuff that raises my blood sugar or gives me hives. If I feel better not eating something, that is better to me!

For me keto isn’t a fad diet that helped me lose weight. It reversed my type 2 diabetes! I am not completely cured from all my food issues, but keto helps a LOT with cravings.

I am ready to tweak the keto diet so that it suits me.

I ready to lose the next 100 lbs. Whatever it takes.

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