Day 3 of Keto Burn by Goody Beats

Eating keto again is such a huge relief. It may not be the final piece of the puzzle, but it is a pretty large piece. Cutting the sugar, and thereby cutting the cycle of crave, eat, crave, eat is major.

I almost done feel I am doing the Keto Burn program justice because I am not following it exactly. I am following it the best I can at this moment.

My clothes already feel loose!

One of the trackers that he recommended (Carb Manager) has really shed some light on things I was eating.

The exercise portion: I am still just learning the exercises and doing a few. I figure this is a better approach than all or nothing. Or my usual plan: crash and burn.

As for the meal plans and recipes: we are currently going to stick with what we are doing, keeping the macros in mind that Goody Beats recommends. We have been using Once A Month Meals planning service for 4 years. It was easy to switch from traditional meal plans to keto meals(and even paleo or low carb). I substitute a lot of leg quarters for chicken to save $. And we don’t eat steak very often.

Also I didn’t see any pork recipes in his plans. We eat pork at least twice a week. The Sam’s Club near me has incredible prices on pork (sometimes $1.30 a lb!!)

Even with all these substitutions, I still feel like I am doing the Keto Burn program and don’t want to cheat on keto! Something about the accountability. Even though I still use artificial sweeteners, even though I may still need a class to work through some issues, I am doing good enough for now. I am giving it my all. And that is good enough for today.

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