The Chase

The whole diet thing, our struggles with finances, even housekeeping. Everything really is all about the chase. Everything I do is for the reward. I wash my clothes for the reward of clean clothes. I hang them up instead of leaving them in the basket because I want to enjoy the reward of pulling wrinkle free clothes off of the hanger in the closet.

I have noticed when eating a certain way, I look for the “free” food. What is the food that I can have all I want of? Is it celery? Is it sweet potatoes? Is it pork rinds? Is it sugar free jello? Or is it a beverage? Coffee? Coffee with sugar free cream?

Losing 100 lbs doing keto was fairly easy and straight forward. When you have 200 lbs to lose, and you stop eating sugar and lower your carbs, the weight just comes off! I didn’t worry about overeating keto foods. I was just focused on not eating too many carbs. I specifically mean grains and sugars. Because eating a bunch of peanuts has carbs. And I used to do that a lot. And I was still using artificial sweeteners.

It is about a year later and after taking a break from focusing on losing more weight, I am ready to level up. I am ready to do what it takes to feel better. I am ready to cut out, add in, whatever!

The one thing I am nervous about is the chase. What am I really chasing when I want to chomp on something crunchy? And how will I cope with the negative feelings that have been coming up more and more as I go along?

My one hope is seeing our success in other areas (housekeeping and finances). For Christmas this year, we spent less money. We only got “good” gifts for people, not great gifts. Initially, it was hard for me not to show my love by buying gifts, but My husband reminded me that this year, we would show love with making memories and spending time. I saw great returns on this!

I have great hope that we will also figure this out!

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